Cwm Edno – Douglas DC-3, EI-AFL ‘St Kevin’, Aer Lingus, 10 Jan 1952

Cwm Edno - DC-3, EI-AFL 'St Kevin'

Site visited 22 May 2010 Location Cwm Edno
SH 66969 52078
53.04935°N, 3.98603°W
53°02.961’N, 3°59.162’W
Manufacturer Douglas Registration EI-AFL ‘St Kevin’
Model DC-3 Unit Aer Lingus
Crash date 10 January 1952
Further Information
Aviation Safety Network; Wikipedia; DC-3 (Wikipedia)

Cwm Edno - DC-3, EI-AFL 'St Kevin'

Cwm Edno - DC-3, EI-AFL 'St Kevin'

Cwm Edno - DC-3, EI-AFL 'St Kevin' - Crash site with Moel Siabod in background


15 thoughts on “Cwm Edno – Douglas DC-3, EI-AFL ‘St Kevin’, Aer Lingus, 10 Jan 1952

  1. Could anyone give me information about the DC3 Aerlingus crash at cwm edno? Its actually quite hard to find any kind of information on the subject, thanks.

        • Hi Nuala. If you click on the Bing Maps link above (‘SH 66969 52078’ in the Location section) you can see exactly where the site is. It lies a couple of hundred metres south of a path that starts from the road above Llyn Gwynant. It is probably about a mile from the road. Good walking shoes or boots would probably be advised. Best of luck!

  2. A friend of mine John Shreeve was in the mountain rescue team that first located the wreck shortly after the crash in 1952. We visited the site in 1974, then it had a fence around the bog and a plaque on the fence recording the accident and to remind people that some of the passengers had not been recovered from the boggy ground I also remember a small part of the aircraft sticking out of the bog.

    • Hi Bob … is your friend John Shreeve still alive and if so would it be possible to be put in touch with to him ?
      Thanks Gavin Walsh (

      • Apologies Gavin only returned to this site today, I will try to trace my friend John as it’s been a few years since I was last in touch, regards Bob Amatt

  3. Hi, Nuala if you haven’t already been up to the crash site ,i live quite close by & go that way sometimes, with a bit of notice i would be able to take people up there .
    It can be a difficult place to find in thick mist / low cloud & is surrounded by a very wet bog , i have pics of the site & the graves at the cemetery o/s Caernarfon.

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    • My understanding is that 10 bodies were identified with another nine bodies being recovered as unidentified. Four bodies remain in the bog of Cwm Edno. As the authorities could not identify 9 of the bodies recovered, it was decided to engrave the names of everyone, with the exception of the ten identified, on the headstone of the communal grave at Llanbeblig in Caernarfon. There is however a curious oddity. There are 12 names on the headstone. When this figure is added to the 10 bodies identified and repatriated to Dublin, one Is Left With A Figure Of 22. There Were 23 People On Board !. As A Local Snowdonia Mountain Guide, I Am Willing to Take People To The Crash Site Free Of Charge.

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