Hare Hill – Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM, Luftwaffe KG6, 25 Mar 1943

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Site visited 20 July 2010 Location Hare Hill, Pentland Hills, Scotland
(A) NT 16958 62156; 55.84542°N, 3.32777°W
(B) NT 16974 62163; 55.84548°N, 3.32753°W
(C) NT 16972 62184; 55.84567°N, 3.32757°W
Manufacturer Junkers Registration 3E+HM
Model Ju 88A-14 Unit Luftwaffe 4 Staffel / Kampfgeschwader 6
Crash date 25 March 1943
Further Information
Peak District Air Crashes; Aircrew Remembrance Society; Air Crash Investigation & Archaeology; Air Crash Sites Scotland; Eddie’s Photo Archive; Junkers Ju 88 (Wikipedia)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - Looking towards Threipmuir Reservoir (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (A)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (B)

Hare Hill - Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM - (C)

11 thoughts on “Hare Hill – Junkers Ju 88, 3E+HM, Luftwaffe KG6, 25 Mar 1943

  1. I was stationed at RAF Kirknewton when the German airmen where still buried in the church cemetery. You could see the German crosses when you drove past. We were told back then the aircraft was shot down on a mission to bomb the Forth Bridge. Thanks for providing such detailed information. It’s hard to believe the wreckage is still there

    • Hello Hank,
      My name is Kenny Walker and it was me who discovered the remains of JU88, 3E+HM.
      I have a picture of one of the crews graves you mentioned and if you would like me to pass on a picture of this grave to you, could you please get in touch with me.
      Kindest regards,
      Kenny Walker,

      • Hi Kenny,
        We were on Hare Hill yesterday and came across the memorial you erected for the German airmen. I think this was a kind gesture and I congratulate you for doing it.
        I was wondering if you know what happened to the engines and the larger components, were they recovered?
        Any additional information you could provide would be most welcome.

  2. Hello Bill,
    Sorry about the long delay and hope you get this reply.
    Apart from what is at the crash site of 3E+HM now, all the wreckage ( Fuselage, wings, Engines and Armament ), was taken away at the time and disposed of at Carnwath where there was a scrap site.
    This site a couple of years ago is sadly ( Before even I could get there to take a couple of photos ), now houses.
    Sorry about the delay again, feel free to get in touch with me at kw011c8750@blueyonder.co.uk

  3. That was a very touching tribute to that long forgotten, obscure Ju-88 crew. Well done Mr. Walker. It’s funny how times change, the past gets erased. One can really get a sense of what England looked like back then, relatively unchanged ’til now, if as you say, it is a new neighborhood. Same as in the States, old battlefields are replaced with modern structures, the past gone forever.
    Poignant picture of the crew member & his wife & children. Dust to dust.

  4. Visited yesterday, I walk regularily in the Pentland Hills. The memorial is touching, with the crosses adorned with red poppies. Such young people killed in the futility of war.

  5. I will be visiting the site next week, and agree that all wars are a sad loss of young life. Do you have any information about a Spitfire 1A crashing in the Pentlands, as I am unsure if this happened or not and if it did would there be any wreckage left?

  6. There are 2 Spitfire crashes in The Pentlands.
    One at Kitchen Moss and the other is on West Cairn Hill.
    I have never managed to find these sites but I would think there would be something still at both sites, no matter how small.

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