Fire Queen, Penrhyn Castle Railway Museum

Fire Queen


5 September 2010

Penrhyn Castle

SH 60275 71967; 53.22630°N, 4.09451°W

Further Information

Dinorwig Quarry’s Padarn Railway started operating in March 1843 with horse-drawn wagons transporting slate from Gilfach Ddu (now the site of the National Slate Museum) to Penscoins. An incline then took the slate from the terminus at Penscoins down to the quay at Felinheli.

In 1848 two steam locomotives of the same design, Jenny Lind and Fire Queen were purchased from Kent marine engineers A Horlock & Co. for a total of £2,397.

When slate production was it its peak, it was decided that more powerful locomotives were required. Jenny Lind was scrapped in 1882 and in 1886 Fire Queen was taken out of service and stored in a shed at Gilfach Ddu.

National Slate Museum
Padarn Railway (Wikipedia)
Fire Queen (Wikipedia)

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

Fire Queen

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