HMS Conway’s Anchor

HMS Conway's Anchor


8 October 2010

Victoria Dock, Caernarfon

SH 47768 62981 53.14215°N, 4.27742°W

Further Information

“ANCHOR from H.M.S. Conway

“This 5 ton anchor belonged to the School-Ship H.M.S. Conway which was wrecked in the Menai Straits in 1953.

“Launched as the 92 gun H.M.S. Nile in 1839, the ship was renamed ‘Conway’ in 1875 when she replaced earlier vessels of that name as a training ship on the River Mersey. She was one of the last ‘wooden walls’ to survive afloat.

“Brought to the Menai Straits to escape the Liverpool Blitz in 1941 the ‘Conway’ was first moored at Bangor, but was later moved to a new berth off Plas Newydd (four miles north of Caernarfon), in 1949.

“This anchor was one of two removed from the ship at that time and sited on the Anglesey shore as part of the permanent moorings. (The other anchor of the pair is on display at the Merseyside Maritime Museum).

“When recovered in September 1987 it was found that the wooden stock had disintegrated and a new oak replacement was fitted in 1988. This was made possible with a grant from P.H. Holt Charitable Trust.”

 — Caernarfon Maritime Museum information plaque

HMS Conway

HMS Conway's Anchor

HMS Conway's Anchor

2 thoughts on “HMS Conway’s Anchor

  1. Bueno, como siempre me gustaron estas fotos maravillosas, y la historia del ancla, muy buena, me encantó. Muchas Gracias !!!!!


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