Afon Wen Slate Quarry

Afon Wen Quarry (A)


19 March 2011

Afon Wen / Ochr Fwsoglog,
Foel Grach/Garnedd Uchaf, Carneddau

(A) SH 68221 66391; 53.17824°N, 3.97325°W
(B) SH 68009 66690; 53.18087°N, 3.97655°W


Afon Wen is a small tributary of the Caseg and its ravine descends down into the Caseg valley between the mountains Garnedd Uchaf and Foel Grach in the Carneddau range. A quarry track leads along the Caseg valley and at an elevation of about 700m in the Afon Wen ravine there can be found the remains of a small slate quarry. On the southern side of the ravine a small quarry and spoil heap are prominent on the landscape of Ochr Fwsoglog on the slopes of Foel Grach. The latter workings were probably for iron or copper.

Looking down the ravine from Afon Wen quarry into the Caseg valley towards Moel y Ci with Anglesey beyond (A)

Afon Wen ravine between the slopes of Garnedd Uchaf (left) and Foel Grach (right). The quarry is on the lower left of the photo.

Workings on Ochr Fwsoglog, viewed from location (B)

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