Slate Quarry, Caseg Valley / Gyrn Wigau

Looking across the Caseg valley towards Yr Elen


19 March 2011

Gyrn Wigau / Caseg valley, Carneddau

SH 65202 66723; 53.18046°N, 4.01853°W


The quarry is located in the Caseg valley on the lower southern slopes of Gyrn Wigau. A short adit, whose entrance is on the level of the foot of the waste tip, leads into a small pit in the middle of the main extractive area. There seems to be some debate as to whether the workings here were known as Afon Gaseg or Dr Hughes Quarry.

Adit, looking from the pit to the entrance by the waste tip

Quarry pit

'Ossuary' (a predator's lair?) - bone pile at the end of the adit

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