Moel Hebog Mine

Looking towards Moel yr Ogof


26 March 2011

Moel Hebog

SH 55925 47188; 53.00255°N, 4.14848°W


The mine is located on the north-western slopes of Moel Hebog, close to the coll (Bwlch Meillionen) between the latter and Moel yr Ogof. Small streams feeding into Afon Cwm-llefrith flow through the site. There is evidence of workings on about half a dozen levels and the ruins of several buildings still stand.

Moel Hebog mine dates back to at least 1837, when the Crown granted a lease for mineral extraction to a William Morgan Buckingham. Buckingham did not work the mine for long. Nor did the next lessee, who had obtained a 21-year lease in 1847, only to surrender it early on owing to issues with access and transport. Work had been provided for four men eight months a year, winter conditions being too harsh for operations to continue. In the 1850s Moel Hebog became part of Dinas Great Consols, which also ran the Dinas Great Copper mine in Cwm Pennant to the west.

In 1854, exuberant claims, most likely fraudulent, of gold having been extracted from ore from Moel Hebog were made. With no real discoveries, however, the Dinas Great Consols venture failed, and following its demise a long period of inactivity ensued. In the 1880s the mine changed hands several times and the mine and its operating companies were known at various times as Cwm Llefrith, Moel Hebog Mining Co. Ltd., Glistening Valley, and Cwm Llefrith Co. Ltd. At one stage the mine boasted a workforce of 44 men, half of whom were employed below ground.

Reference: David Bick, The Old Copper Mines of Snowdonia, 3rd Edition, 2003, Landmark Publishing (ISBN 1843060752).

The main level can be seen at top, left of centre

Ruins on one of the upper levels

View from spoil heap, upper level

Upper level entrance

Upper level entrance

Stopes, upper level

Main level entrance

Main level entrance

Stope, main level

Copper salt exudation, main level

Copper salt exudation, main level

Main level spoil heap, looking towards Moel yr Ogof

Remains of probable dressing shed, main level

Remains of probable dressing shed, main level

One thought on “Moel Hebog Mine

  1. Looks like a really interesting site…we’ve been looking at the maps and Google earth tonight…another one for the near future! Great photos, the stopes look fantastic.


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