Trial Asbestos Mine, Moel yr Ogof

Looking out across Beddgelert Forest towards Snowdon from just above the trial


26 March 2011

Moel yr Ogof, Beddgelert

SH 55955 47810; 53.00815°N, 4.14831°W


The trial asbestos mine is located close to Owain Glyndwr’s Cave on Moel yr Ogof on the south western edge of Beddgelert Forest. The trial extends back some seven or eight metres, following a seam of white asbestos. Water percolates through the working and so the vein is very damp, rendering the mineral somewhat soft and gungy.

Looking out from the back of the trial

Asbestos vein

Asbestos vein

Asbestos vein

3 thoughts on “Trial Asbestos Mine, Moel yr Ogof

  1. Great post with excellent photos…as always! I love the shot towards Snowdon with the skein of cloud in the bowl of the mountain. The shots inside the mine are fascianting, too.


  2. Excellent photography!

    There may well have been explorations of this cave for asbestos, and I think asbestos is known to be present locally. I don’t see that this has any bearing on the antiquity of this site – a geological cave, which is documented as an ancient place name.

    There are those who think that the horizontal overhang near the summit of Moel Ogof is the famous cave or ‘ogof’ but I recommend they find themselves a copy of Iwan Jones book ‘Place-names In Snowdonia’ (1998), page 11, where the author describes how [paraphrased]: ‘most people presume that the gaping line across the mountain’s brow is the cave, but the cave is not this line, it is in a dent of the mountainside with water trickling out of it, colouring the approach ever green’.



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