Blaen-y-nant Molybdenum Mine, Nant Ffrancon

Upper level, Blaen-y-nant Molybdenum Trial


17 April 2011

Blaen-y-nant, Nant Ffrancon

SH 64062 61139; 53.13001°N, 4.03321°W


In his 1802 Observations of the Snowdon Mountains, William Williams noted:

A little below Blaen y Nant farm-house there is, at the foot of a high rock, a large body of some mineral matter, not unlike to what miners describe by the name Molubdena

The trial molybdenite (molybdenum sulphide) workings are on two levels. A short adit on the upper level leads to a small stoped out chamber.

William Williams, Observations of the Snowdon Mountains (Google Books); 
Molybdenite, Mineralogy of Wales (National Museum Wales); 
The Ogwen Valley Igneous Intrusions (North Wales Geology Association)

Blaen-y-nant farm, Nant Ffrancon. The trial workings are at the right-hand end of the ridge of rocky outcrops ('The Mushroom Garden') in the centre of the image.)

Blaen-y-nant at the foot of Y Llymllwyd and Foel Goch. The trial workings are on the outcrop just above the right-hand end of the deep green field on the valley floor.

Approach to the trial workings. The lower level is in the outcrop directly above the foreground boulder. The upper level is diagonally above this to the left, just above and further to the left of the three slabs.

Lower level

Lower level

Lower level

Drill marks, lower level

Entrance to upper level

Upper level chamber

The dweller slumbers...

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