Pulteney Weir, Bath

Pulteney Weir and the riverbus Pulteney Princess on the River Avon


30 May 2011

Pulteney Weir, Bath, Somerset

ST 75234 64853; 51.38217°N, 2.35726°W


The weir on the River Avon in Bath was constructed in 1975 to reduce the risk of flooding in the city. It is just downstream from the iconic, shop-lined Pulteney Bridge. Frances Pulteney inherited Bathwick estate in 1767 and, as a first step in developing the estate, her husband commissioned a bridge to replace the ferry crossing linking Bathwick and Bath. The bridge was originally designed by Robert Adam and was completed in 1773.

The Pulteney Princess, a traditional Broads riverbus, provides short pleasure cruises on the Avon between the weir and the village of Bathampton.

Pulteney Bridge (buildinghistory.org)

One of the weir's visitors on the parapet overlooking the river


One thought on “Pulteney Weir, Bath

  1. I didn’t know the bridge was designed by Robert Adam…interesting. These shots are great, especially with the gulls “working” the weir!

    I’ve always loved Claude Buckle’s poster of the bridge for British Railways…the weir is super, something I had overlooked.

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