St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

Tramline embedded in the church grounds


30 May 2011

Redcliffe Way, Bristol

ST 59110 72295; 51.44815°N, 2.58979°W


On Good Friday 11 April 1941 this tramline was thrown over the adjoining houses by a high explosive bomb which fell on Redcliffe Hill. It is left to remind us how narrowly the church escaped destruction in the war 1939-45.

St Mary Redcliffe parish church dates back to the early 12th century and its construction carried on through to the 15th century. The stained glass windows are Victorian. With an 89 m spire, the church is the tallest building in Bristol.

St Mary Redcliffe (Wikipedia)

Tramline plaque

St Mary Redcliffe

St Mary Redcliffe

St Mary Redcliffe


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