Point of Ayr Lighthouse

Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Talacre beach, with North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm in the distance


11 June 2011

Talacre, Point of Ayr, Flintshire

SJ 12108 85252; 53.35680°N, 3.32203°W


The lighthouse, the oldest in Wales, is on the beach at Talacre, close to the Point of Ayr on the west of the Dee estuary. It was established in 1776 and was in service until 1844. Two lights were displayed: one shining seawards, the other up the River Dee. The building was purchased in 1983 by the owner of the Talacre Beach Leisure Park close by and has recently featured in a paint advert showing the Dulux dog running across Talacre beach. There are stories of the lighthouse being haunted, and in 2010 a ghostly 7 ft tall sculpture — The Keeper — made from polished stainless steel was installed on the gallery walkway in front of the glass dome.

New ‘keeper’ at Point of Ayr Lighthouse (BBC News);
Hopes Dulux dog advert will boost Flintshire tourism (Daily Post)

'The Keeper' - Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Talacre beach

Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Talacre beach

6 thoughts on “Point of Ayr Lighthouse

  1. So after clicking on your (read me) links on flickr all this time, I thought it was about time I left a comment here.

    I really appreciate what your documentation of all this rich history Graham. The research itself must take up a good portion of your time, but then to actually travel to these spots to capture them in photos….well all I can say is my hats off to you!


  2. Good photos, and Dulux definitely used photo software to “paint” the lighthouse! They could have painted it for real, would probably have only taken a few days.
    Talacre is a very interesting place, nice walks along the beach, and has a history that is worth learning about. It’s a pity though about the disgusting state of the toilets next to the amusement arcade. When were they last looked at, thirty years ago? They are owned by Flintshire Council, but maybe they have forgotten about them.


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