Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine

Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine


18 June 2011

Tan-y-garth, Bethesda

SH 64007 66897; 53.18172°N, 4.03647°W


The remains of these workings, which date back to the late 18th century, can be seen in a line following the 320 m contour around the lower slopes of Y Garth at the foot of the Carneddau mountains. This line stretches for some 160 metres and runs NNE from SH 63932 66751 to SH 64007 66897. There are several entrances, all of which are flooded.

David Bick (2003) provides the following information about this site:

In 1783 a Mr. Barker investigated various locations on the Penrhyn Estate, amongst which copper and arsenical-pyrites or mispickel were discovered above Tanygarth. The site yielded 232 tons of the latter mineral at a much later date, all of which was humped down the mountain by hand.

David Bick, The Old Copper Mines of Snowdonia, 3rd Edition, 2003, Landmark Publishing (ISBN 1843060752), p. 118.

Looking out across towards Anglesey

Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine

Spoil from the workings

Waste tip with Gyrn in the background

Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine

View of the spoil heaps, looking towards the Glyderau mountains

Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine

Looking out from a short adit

Flooded entrance at foot of stoped out chamber

Tan-y-garth Arsenic Mine

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