Tan-y-garth Rock Cannon

Edge of the rock cannon boulder, looking towards Gyrn


18 June 2011

Tan-y-garth, Bethesda

SH 63794 66815; 53.18094°N, 4.03963°W


46-hole rock cannon at Tan-y-garth near Bethesda at the foot of the Carneddau mountains. This rock cannon is very close to the arsenic mine that dates back to the late 18th century.

Reference: Griff R. Jones, The Rock Cannon of Gwynedd, 2002 (ISBN 0953369218)

Split in the rock revealing cross section of a cannon hole

Detail of cannon hole at edge of boulder where the rock has fallen away underneath

Surface of the rock cannon slab

Looking towards the Glyderau mountains

2 thoughts on “Tan-y-garth Rock Cannon

  1. You’re getting through the list! What a superb location…and great photos of course. There don’t seem to be such pronounced trails chiselled out for the gunpowder/grease mix between the holes here, although I guess they could have weathered out. Fascinating, as usual!


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