Croesor Quarry (2)

Croesor Quarry


9 July 2011

Cwm Croesor

SH 65701 45582; 52.99067°N, 4.00224°W


Croesor Quarry

Abandoned wagon

Drum house at the top of the incline

Abandoned wagon, near the foot of the incline

Abandoned wagon, near the foot of the incline

Looking up the Croesor Incline

Adit entrance

Adit entrance

Through the gate, looking back towards the entrance

Wagon marshalling area

Wagon marshalling area




Chamber 1 West

Towards the inclines

Flooded incline



3 thoughts on “Croesor Quarry (2)

  1. A Fabulous set of shots. Your lighting technique really emphasises the claustrophobic nature of the mine, with that low roof looking as if it could drop quite easily! “Towards the Inclines” is probably my favourite shot, as the lighting is just enough to hint at the surroundings and bring out the colours, yet the shapes are still strong. What a pity that the lower levels are flooded, especially since that at this height, you would think the water table would be low. I’d read that someone attempted to scuba dive in one of the chambers, but had to quickly abandon as visibility was reduced to zero by the slate dust.

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