Braich Melyn South Quarry / Sion y Sian Mine

Top adit


23 July 2011

Braich Melyn Forest, Bethesda

SH 63066 65376; 53.16782°N, 4.04990°W


Known as Sion y Sian Mine or Braich Melyn South Quarry, this was possibly an iron or copper mine. There are two adits. The upper one extends back only a few metres and opens out into a small chamber. The lower one is blocked off and is next to a now very overgrown spoil heap.

Steatoda nobilis, also known as the false widow, first appeared in the UK in the 19th century, having arrived in shipments of bananas from the Canary Islands. Although a rare occurrence, the bite of this spider is painful to humans and can result in flu-like symptoms.

Looking in to the entrance of the top adit

Looking out from the top adit

False widow (?) guarding her nest at the back of the top adit

Approach (lower right) to the blocked-off lower adit

Overgrown spoil heap

2 thoughts on “Braich Melyn South Quarry / Sion y Sian Mine

  1. Magical photos…it looks like a very mysterious location; you’ve distilled a great deal of atmosphere with these shots. The spider is facinating…I didn’t realise this could be found here.


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