Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon

Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon


14 August 2011


SH 58584 59859; 53.11709°N, 4.11446°W


This 76-hole rock cannon is located on the northern edge of the boundary of Dolbadarn Castle in Llanberis.

Reference: Griff R. Jones, The Rock Cannon of Gwynedd, 2002 (ISBN 0953369218)

Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon

Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon

Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon

Dolbadarn Castle

3 thoughts on “Dolbadarn Castle Rock Cannon

  1. Really well lit photos with great textures. 76 holes…that must have been some display. I’m going out to buy that Griff Rees Jones book! There’s a rock cannon near the Moelwyn tunnel entrance that I still can’t find.


    • I requested a copy from the library and it’s quite an interesting read, Ian, and the appendix gives listings with grid refs. These are 8-figure refs, in theory precise to 10m, but I’ve so far found in practice that they are of pretty variable accuracy – some have been fairly spot on, but others have been off by over 100m (and some I haven’t found at all).


  2. That’s frustrating! I find some of the grid refs in the Slate Gazetteer are also way out, although it usually results in an adventure. I use the “Where’s the path” program as you know, and the grid refs are easy to pinpoint on there, but now I’m worrying about their accuracy after checking against an OS map…I still fancy the Griff Rees Jones book though, and there’s one in Browsers just now…lol.


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