Yr Elen Clouds (Altostratus undulatus)

Cloud formation beyond Yr Elen seen from Ysgolion Duon


21 August 2011


SH 67761 63218; 53.14962°N, 3.97882°W


Looking towards Yr Elen, with Anglesey in the distance, from Ysgolion Duon, the ridge between Carnedd Dafydd and Carnedd Llewelyn in the Carneddau range of mountains.


8 thoughts on “Yr Elen Clouds (Altostratus undulatus)

  1. You are lucky to have had the chance to experience these and fortunate to have had your camera at the ready. I think they might possibly related to asperatus clouds, which have recently received quite a bit of interest. A recent post of mine (http://krikitarts.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/nebulous-noteables-paul-bunyan-sf/) contained an image of what might also be another mild example. BTW, the toning is very interesting, but I rather prefer the first one.

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