‘Dereliction’ on YouTube

Baron Hill
Braichmelyn Quarry
Bryn-hafod-y-wern Slate Quarry
Croesor Quarry
Dinorwic Quarry
Dorothea Quarry
TSS Duke of Lancaster
Flagstaff Quarry
Fron-boeth Quarry
Fron-boeth Quarry Tunnel
Coast Artillery School
Gwrych Castle
Llanberis Bomb Store
Llanddulas Jetty
Llanlleiana Porcelain Works

Loco Shed, Penscoins
Marconi Long Wave Transmitting Station
North Wales Hospital
Pen yr Orsedd Quarry
Princess May Water Balance
Porth Wen Brickworks
Prince of Wales Quarry
Caseg Valley Quarry
Moel Faban Quarry
Rhosydd Quarry
ROC Llangefni
Saunders Roe
Vaynol Mausoleum
Victoria Pier


Croesor Quarry · Dinorwic Quarry · TSS Duke of Lancaster · Fron-boeth Quarry · Hanson Jetty, Llanddulas · Llanlleiana Porcelain Works · ROC Llangefni · Vaynol Mausoleum · Victoria Pier, Colwyn Bay

6 thoughts on “Dereliction

  1. I watched the video, trying to remember where each of the images was from. Excellent! A really fab way to join up all the threads and re-evaluate them again…they are certainly worth re-evaluating! I like the dictionary idea, too. “act of forsaking” …hmmm…as my response to a derelict site is always an emotional one first, that resonates.


  2. Totally awesome Graham. You really tell a story of the rotting industrial age with your fantastic images, and the mournful music adds drama to the tale. Well done!


  3. I agree with Iain. An excellent drawing together of various threads, although personally I think the TSS Duke of Lancaster feels a little out of place in the collection.

    I also think you have the potential for an exhibition in these photographs. Seeing them together as prints in a sequence would allow yet another, different, evaluation and reveal previously hidden connections. Or perhaps one of the photography magazines might be interested in publishing a selection?

    Photographs should be seen, and these deserve a different and perhaps wider audience than web distribution offers.


  4. Excellent video! Love every single shot, the music… a little more about the quarry… this is fantastic… and I’ve also learned a new word today as well. Thanks for sharing Graham! Great effort!


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