Welsh Highland Railway, Beddgelert

Beddgelert station, Welsh Highland Railway


11 September 2011


SH 58704 48092; 53.01142°N, 4.10749°W


The station at Beddgelert is one of 13 on the 25-mile-long Welsh Highland Railway (WHR), a restored narrow-gauge line running from Caernarfon to Porthmadog. The station originally operated from 1922 until its closure in 1936. Rebuilding commenced at the end of 2006 and it was officially opened in 2009.

The original WHR was in use from 1922 to 1937, but was never a commercial success. The slate industry was in decline at that time and so provided little income from freight; and the passenger trains were uncompetitive compared to the local bus services.

Although preservation work on the line dates back to the early 1960s, progress was greatly hindered for many years by disputes and legal wrangling between the interested parties. The ultimate outcome was that the Festiniog Railway Company — which already owned the Ffestiniog Railway (a narrow-gauge line from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog) — acquired the track bed and assumed responsibility for the restoration of the line in 1990. The rival WHR Ltd, which had also been vying for the track bed, now owns and operates the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway, a ¾-mile section of track from Porthmadog to the WHR junction at Pen-y-Mount.

The WHR has been opened in stages between 1997 and 2011 as separate sections of the line were restored.

WHR History (Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways);
Beddgelert railway station (Wikipedia);
Welsh Highland Railway (Wikipedia)

Beddgelert station, Welsh Highland Railway. Looking towards Moel Hebog.

Beddgelert station, Welsh Highland Railway


10 thoughts on “Welsh Highland Railway, Beddgelert

  1. Magnificent shots! You’ve actually managed to get a new angle on the railway and brought out a real Colonel Stephens feel to these..albeit with a Himalayan slant! Great stuff. Whisper it quietly for fear of disturbing the peace, but it does look as if the two railways, WHR and WHHR are actually getting on much better lately. (heaves sigh of relief).

    • Hope this helps:

      ‘Be’ as in English ‘bed’
      The ‘dd’ in Welsh is like ‘th’ in the English ‘the’ (as opposed to the ‘th’ in ‘thin’)
      And the ‘g’ is hard, as in the English ‘go’

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