Peblig Mill, Caernarfon

Overlooking the roofs of the ex-Kruger plant, with the Brunswick Ironworks chimney in the background


17 September 2011


SH 49240 62050; 53.13421°N, 4.25499°W


Formerly known as Peblig Mill, Peblig Industrial Park is an 18-acre site lying on the outskirts of Caernarfon. It is currently owned by Transwest and looked after by Lancashire-based property management company First Investments Ltd. In February 2011 the partnership unveiled outline plans for mixed-use re-development of the site, with the intention of submitting a planning application by the end of the year. The plans would involve the demolition of all the existing buildings, the construction of 79 homes, and the creation of 50,000 sq ft of new commercial space, which, if fully occupied, could support 150 jobs.

The existing buildings amount to 200,000 sq ft of industrial and office space, but is only 18% occupied with around 20 people working there. Present tenants include local businesses such as car-repair workshops and also the long-established family business Brunswick Ironworks (a company with an impressive list of achievements since it was founded in 1906).

The site was home until 2009 to Kruger Tissues Ltd, manufacturer of industrial-washroom toilet paper and hand towels. The company owned a converting plant (where paper parent reels are made into end products) at Penygroes and used the Peblig Mill plant as a storehouse. When Canadian parent company Kruger Inc sold off its UK operation to Middlesex-based Northwood Paper Sales, the Peblig facility was closed to cut costs and the Penygroes plant was rebranded as Connect Hygiene Products.

In the 19th century Peblig Mill was a water-powered flour mill, which was owned by a succession of different corn merchants. At the start of World War II, Hunting Aviation strategically relocated from Croydon first to Llanberis and then shortly afterwards to Peblig Mill. After the war, however, the company closed the factory there and moved operations back to Croydon.

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Jobs hope in Caernarfon as developer outlines plans (Caernarfon Herald, 17 Feb 2011);
Jobs to go at Caernarfon and Penygroes with closure of Kruger (Caernarfon Herald, 29 Oct 2009)

Entrance to Peblig Industrial Park

Space to let

Former office block, now with an MOT Centre operating out of its sub level

Former Kruger Tissue storehouse

Discarded reel cores

Discarded reel cores

Romney Hut

Romney Huts

To Let

To Let

Toilet Block (A7)

Ex-Kruger rooftops


2 thoughts on “Peblig Mill, Caernarfon

  1. Great shots, particularly the header. The Brunswick Ironworks have just delivered a new tender body for one of the Welsh Highland Railway NG15 locomotives currently undergoing overhaul. There have been many comments about the outstanding quality of the fabrication work.

    It will be interesting to see if anything comes of the plans for housing on this site.

  2. Kruger shut their site in Bolton a few years back, but as far as i can tellitis mothballed. Certainly the new pallisade fencing, active 24 hour security and keycoded doors on site would suggest that anyway!!!

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