Dinorwic Quarry (6)

Looking towards Llyn Peris from ruined building in Wellington department


24 September 2011

Dinorwic Quarry, Llanberis

SH 59444 60017; 53.11874°N, 4.10169°W


The south-western aspect of Elidir Fawr, above the lake Llyn Peris and the town of Llanberis, is dominated by the sculpted landscape formed by the now quiet galleries of Dinorwic Quarry. Commercial quarrying of slate started there in 1787 and production continued until the business closed in 1969… [read more…]


Looking towards Moel Eilio from ruined building in Wellington department

End of incline cable

Drum house, incline in Wellington department

Winding-drum brake lever

Drum house

Winding drum

Tank incline, Wellington department. The 'tanks' - platforms upon which the wagons rode - can be seen at the foot of the incline.

Tank wheel

Up the incline

Drum house at the top of the incline

Up the incline

5 thoughts on “Dinorwic Quarry (6)

  1. Tremendous photos, I find it difficult to single any out as they are all excellent. I’m in awe of your technique with those window shots, though. Dinorwig…what a superb place this is. But not everyone thinks so…I overheard a crowd of folk who’d just climbed off a tour coach at the slate museum declaiming the surroundings as an eyesore. Long live eyesores!


    • Thanks Iain. I know what you mean about differences of opinion regarding these relics from an industrial past. I chose to describe Dinorwic as a ‘sculpted landscape’; others, I am sure, would have said ‘scarred’.


  2. Some great different views of a well worn subject….the quarry, not specifically this incline. I am aware of this particular incline but have not yet found a way to it. I always get distracted before I try to find a route.

    Personally, I find Dinorwig equally as exciting as the ‘proper’ mountain across the valley. I love landscape in all its forms, and the sheer size of the workings make Dinorwig a unique landscape in its own right. And deeply atmospheric if you are tuned in to it. My favourite aspect is the immense Garrett side tips towering over the ‘bus turn around’, especially when the cloud is low and with the mewing of the resident buzzards echoing off the rock.

    As to different perceptions of a place, I overheard the following on Parys Mountain: ‘This would make a great place to race old cars around.’ (Apply a Liverpudlian accent to taste!) Each to his own I suppose.


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