Dinorwic Quarry (7)

Eyeing up the pitch. Slate face in the Morgan area. (a)


24 September 2011

Dinorwic Quarry, Llanberis

(a) SH 59641 60250; 53.12088°N, 4.09886°W
(b) SH 59241 60535; 53.12333°N, 4.10496°W


The south-western aspect of Elidir Fawr, above the lake Llyn Peris and the town of Llanberis, is dominated by the sculpted landscape formed by the now quiet galleries of Dinorwic Quarry. Commercial quarrying of slate started there in 1787 and production continued until the business closed in 1969… [read more…]

1925. Ruined mill building on the village tramway level. (b)


Looking from the viewpoint at the village tramway level. Dinorwig Power Station outbuildings occupy the area of the former Wellington mill. Llyn Peris is on the right.

2 thoughts on “Dinorwic Quarry (7)

  1. Your topper shot here is wonderful. The lower shot of the Wellington Mill site gives a great idea of the scale of operations, too. It must have been wonderful to see the quarry in it’s working days, with all the little Hunslets plying their way on the levels.


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