Great Orme Visitor Centre

Statue of a Great Orme Kashmir Goat


24 October 2011

Great Orme, Llandudno

SH 76603 83320; 53.33234°N, 3.85447°W


The Great Orme Tramway is the UK’s only cable-hauled tramway running on public roads. Plans for the tramway were agreed in 1898 and construction began in 1901, with a full service open to the public from 1903.

The tramway runs from Victoria Station in Church Walks, Llandudno to the Summit Complex on the Great Orme. It is a funicular system, in which the cars are permanently attached to the cable, and comprises two independent sections which meet at Halfway Station, where passengers must transfer between cars.

The Great Orme’s Head lighthouse

The Great Orme’s Head lighthouse came into use at the end of 1862. It was designed and built by Mr G F Lyster. Its light was 325 feet above sea level, higher than any other light in Wales.

The Lighthouse light

The original light was a paraffin wick lamp. In 1904 the system was modified to use vaporised petroleum mantle burners. These were modified in turn in 1923 to use dissolved acetylene rather than petroleum. The system was electrified in 1965.

The Lighthouse today

In 1985 the building stopped being a working lighthouse and was sold at auction. It is now a bed and breakfast establishment.

 — Visitor Centre information panel

Great Orme’s Head; Great Orme; Great Orme Tramway; Great Orme Tramway (Wikipedia)

Tram leaving the Summit Complex Station

Lens from the Great Orme's Head Lighthouse

Light from the Great Orme's Head Lighthouse

2 thoughts on “Great Orme Visitor Centre

  1. Never heard of this before – I’ve been on the cable drawn trams in San Francisco which go up some pretty savage slopes, but didn’t realise there was something similar this side of the pond.


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