Former Ysgol Glanadda

Fire damaged roof of the main hall


30 October 2011

Caernarfon Road, Bangor

SH 57175 71052; 53.21726°N, 4.14050°W


The Chester and Holyhead Railway opened its station in Bangor in 1848 and Ysgol Glanadda was founded in 1888 to cater for the children of railwaymen living in Caernarfon Road. The establishment was expanded in 1901 with the construction of the top school in an adjacent plot above the original building. The former is still in use as a primary school, and the latter is now Uned Bryn Llwyd, an education centre for year 10 and 11 pupils excluded from mainstream schools.

The main hall of Uned Bryn Llwyd has been gutted by a fire that broke out early in the morning of 29 October 2011.

Fire badly damages former Ysgol Glanadda in Bangor (BBC)

Uned Bryn Llwyd

Former Ysgol Glanadda

Former Ysgol Glanadda


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