Peris Boat

Peris Boat


26 October 2011


SH 58089 60042; 53.11860°N, 4.12194°W


This restored 16th-century boat is on display at the Electric Mountain visitor centre in Llanberis. The clinker-built craft is typical for the area and the design probably evolved from earlier Viking and Norman traditions. It was constructed from overlapping oak planks that would have been split from sections of tree trunk with hammer and wedges.

The boat, measuring 6.3 m from stem to stern and 2.2 m across the beam, would have been rowed by two or three men and was most likely used to transport passengers, goods and livestock via Llyn Peris lake.

Llyn Peris was emptied in 1979 as part of the work required to increase its capacity for its future role as the lower reservoir of the pumped storage Dinorwig Power Station that was being built. The Peris Boat is one of three different historic craft that were found when the lake was drained.

Analysis of the timber tree rings revealed that wood from at least three different trees were used to build the boat and that these were felled between 1547 and 1549, making it around 430 years old when it was found.

When they were discovered, the remains of the boat were taken to the Electric Mountain workshops, where quarter-scale replicas of the planks were made. These were then used to build a scale model from which the 3D shape of the craft could be recreated. This was then used to fabricate a skeletal frame to which the original timbers were attached.

Electric Mountain (First Hydro)

Peris Boat

Peris Boat

Peris Boat

Peris Boat

Peris Boat


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