Port Penrhyn

Hand crane, Port Penrhyn


30 October 2011

Port Penrhyn, Bangor

SH 59335 72873; 53.23419°N, 4.10898°W


The importance to the slate industry of Abercegin dates back to around 1700, when boats would be loaded on the beach at low tide with produce from Penrhyn Quarry. The site was developed from 1780, becoming Port Penrhyn. Transport to the port improved in 1801 with the construction of the Penrhyn Railway. This started life as a horse tramway and was replaced around 1878 by a narrow-gauge railway on a different route and was in service until 1962. At its peak in the 19th century, the port would have regularly accommodated up to a hundred vessels.

Much of the port is now home to Dickies boat yard, which recently moved from its now demolished premises in Hirael Bay, Bangor.

Hand crane, Port Penrhyn

Ruined bath house and jetty on the Penrhyn Estate, looking from the port towards Moel Wnion (middle top) and Llanfairfechan (lower left)

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