Afon Galedffrwd

Overspill at the reservoir dam (B)


6 November 2011

Afon Galedffrwd, Coed-y-parc, Bethesda

(A) SH 61479 66297; 53.17568°N, 4.07403°W
(B) SH 61423 66197; 53.17477°N, 4.07482°W


A number of small streams flowing down from the northern end of the Glyderau range of mountains converge to form the Afon Galedffrwd. The river flows through the village of Mynydd Llandegai and runs parallel to the road down to Coed-y-parc. It passes through a culvert below Felin Fawr and then under Pont Galedffrwd on the B road before joining the Afon Ogwen at Galedffrwd Mill.

Felin Fawr was once Penrhyn Quarry’s main mill and workshop complex, the buildings there now let by Gwynedd Council as light industrial units. It dates back to 1803 and was developed throughout the 19th century. Power was provided by two pitchback waterwheels, in use up until around 1930. These were fed with water from two reservoirs constructed on the Afon Galedffrwd in 1846 and 1848. The upper reservoir’s dam is still intact and received a Grade II listing in 2001.

Waterfall (A) just before the river disappears into a culvert below Felin Fawr industrial estate. The pipes running alongside the river carried water from the upstream reservoir down to the two water wheels powering the slate slab mills, workshops and foundry at Felin Fawr.

Afon Galedffrwd reservoir (B)

Afon Galedffrwd reservoir (B)

Afon Galedffrwd reservoir (B)

Reservoir dam (B)

Reservoir dam (B)

8 thoughts on “Afon Galedffrwd

  1. De nuevo GRACIAS querido amigo Graham por estas tomas preciosas, y, como siempre, me encanta la parte histórica que me gusta conocer por ser este el país de mis abuelos.Muchas gracias!!!!!!!


  2. Love these pictures Graham – the last one is going on the desktop! Site is of extra interest as we are doing a BWW plan of Parc yr Ynys / Parc yr Ocar.


  3. Nice images here, Graham. I really like the ones where you emphasize the lines and shapes– the first and second onse and the one with the danger sign. Also love the reflections and textures in Afon Galedffrwd reservoir (B). Good stuff. 🙂


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