Afon Braint Stepping Stones

Afon Braint Stepping Stones


19 November 2011

Dwyran, Anglesey

SH 44046 64710; 53.15660°N, 4.33386°W


These limestone-block stepping stones span the tidal Afon Braint at a ford south of the village of Dwyran on Anglesey. The crossing was on a route to Rhuddgaer farm. In his book All Around Anglesey, Terry Beggs muses:

Who knows which forgotten hero sourced the limestone, quarried the blocks, transported them and then lifted them into position? Although not quite on the same scale as Telford’s crossing, this was no mean achievement.

Afon Braint Stepping Stones

Afon Braint Stepping Stones

17 thoughts on “Afon Braint Stepping Stones

  1. Somebody must have really wanted to cross here….just carting those stones about must have been a major achievement, let alone manouvreing into place with a primitive block and tackle. A very interesting find, and I like the composition of your first shot very much.


  2. Impressive!

    Have you ever been to Tarr Steps in Devon?

    Equally as impressive river crossing with each step weighing up to 2 tons.

    Wales is such a great place for walks…. So many treasures to be found!!


  3. Well as I was living there at the time, as I still do, I watched them put the stones there and they had a cup of tea in the kitchen! Obviously there have been stones for a very long time as they are part of the old road to the old Abermenai ferry. The cattle would have also crossed there to get to Caernarfon. The stones are where the river meets the sea.


    • I would be interested to know if you still live there, as I am trying to discover who actually owns the stones? Many thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer! All the best.


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  6. I used to live in Dwyran in the mid 70’s, right near here, I’m pretty sure there were stones here then just not those large ones. Me and my dad used to explore the old farm house just next to them on the southern side of the river. Beautiful place : )


  7. I’ve just been reading the above comments on the stepping stones. I lived down that lane during the 60s and 70s. The original stepping stones were just stones large enough to put your foot on and were submerged once the tide came in.

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