Shrewsbury Weir

Weir on the River Severn, Shrewsbury


10 December 2011


SJ 50077 13061; 52.71288°N, 2.74042°W


With a length of 220 miles, the Severn is the longest river in the UK. Its source is in the Cambrian Mountains of mid Wales and it flows into the Bristol Channel via the Severn Estuary. The river meanders around the centre of Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury Hydro, a local community group, has plans to build a hydro electric plant with underground turbines at the weir.

River Severn (Wikipedia);
Shrewsbury Hydro (Transition Town Shrewsbury);
Shrewsbury weir electricity plans get £15k of funding (BBC News, 6 December 2011)

4 thoughts on “Shrewsbury Weir

  1. Oh, the abstract in me loves these, Graham. Those strong lines against the softness of the surf. Really nice.

    And thanks for the reference to the Green Man on my silly Saturday photo. Love that! I adore the Green Man and what he represents. 🙂 The rebel child in me loved reading your comment. 🙂


  2. Agree with KCB, these are really nice abstract compositions. The last shot is my favourite; I like the plumes of water caught in a vertical movement on the left, contrasting with the smoothness of motion on the right.


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