Dinorwic Quarry (9)

Looking down on Llyn Peris and the outbuildings of Dinorwig Power Station in what was the Wellington district of the quarry. The pumped-storage hydroelectric power station itself is housed deep within Elidir Fawr mountain in what is the largest man-made cavern in Europe.


5 February 2012

Dinorwic Quarry, Llanberis

SH 59471 60212; 53.12050°N, 4.10137°W


The south-western aspect of Elidir Fawr, above the lake Llyn Peris and the town of Llanberis, is dominated by the sculpted landscape formed by the now quiet galleries of Dinorwic Quarry. Commercial quarrying of slate started there in 1787 and production continued until the business closed in 1969…

Dinorwic Quarry;
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Blast Shelter

8 thoughts on “Dinorwic Quarry (9)

  1. Forgive a minor criticism, but I’m pretty sure what you caption a Powder Magazine is in fact a Blast Shelter. Unfortunately, I cannot immediately put my hand on a reference to verify this. The fine example close to the ‘bus turn around’ above Dinorwig village has a stone bench at sitting height around the inside. The only magazine I have found is at 583609, above Vivian Quarry. If I remember correctly it is a relatively recent example: 20thC? and I don’t know if it was built to serve the whole quarry or just Vivian. There were locomotive blast shelters too, and I believe one remains on Pen Garrett.

    Great photographs as always. The gloom and mist seem somehow much more appropriate to the place than sunny skies.


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