Dinorwic Quarry (11) – Anglesey Barracks

Anglesey Barracks


5 February 2012

Dinorwic Quarry, Llanberis

SH 58970 60209; 53.12034°N, 4.10885°W


Anglesey Barracks, comprising two rows of 11 dwellings, served as accommodation for some of the quarrymen who commuted to Dinorwic from Anglesey. They would spend the week based in the barracks working in the quarry, leaving their homes very early on Monday morning and returning to the island on Saturday afternoon.

Conditions were spartan. Each two-room unit had a living area with a fireplace and a sleeping area for four men. Facilities were scant — no running water, toilets or electricity, for example — and the workers had to bring all their week’s supplies with them when they arrived on a Monday.

Public-health inspectors closed down these barracks in 1948.

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No-frills living quarters housing four quarrymen. The living room with fireplace is on the right, the bedroom on the left.

Serried chimney stacks

Ruined roof

One side of the 'street'

A room with a view. Looking out over Dolbadarn Castle from a building close to the barracks.

Dolbadarn Castle

14 thoughts on “Dinorwic Quarry (11) – Anglesey Barracks

  1. Great pictures Graham. I walked up here with a friend last year, and she remembers one cottage at the end had people squatting in it (about16-18 years ago). I’m surprised some enterprising soul hasn’t turned them into holiday cottages with views like that!


    • Funny you should say that – not far from the barracks one of the other buildings looked like it was (or had recently been) inhabited.

      The walk there, while carrying all your supplies, might put off your average holidaymaker. Backpackers’ bothies perhaps?


  2. Great pictures that bring back many memories of summer days spent exploring this site.

    I never encountered squatters, but did once find some evidence of habitation of one of the end cottages. At one time, the left hand three as you enter from the Country Park end were partially re-roofed, presumably by the Park authorities, so as to give a better impression of how the terraces looked when in use. I suspect it was these that Lita’s friend remembers containing squatters. I have a couple of slides taken in the early 1990’s showing the roofed examples. Sadly, the slates were soon scavenged and there is now little evidence of the re-roofing.


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