Cedryn Quarry

Cedryn Quarry, looking towards Llyn Eigiau


25 February 2012

Cwm Eigiau, Carneddau

SH 71958 63581; 53.15391°N, 3.91625°W


Records of quarrying for slate at Cedryn date back to 1827. In 1874 the Caedryn Slate Quarry Company (incorporated in 1863) became the Caedryn and Cwm Eigiau Slate Company, the operation then also encompassing the other small slate quarry in the cwm. The slate, however, was not of a high quality and the company went out of business in 1885.

Product from the quarry was originally transported by pack horse to the quays on the river Conwy at Dolgarrog. Around 1860, pack horses were superseded by draught animals as a four-mile-long horse-powered tramway opened from the quarry to Porth Llwyd wharf. Around 1863 the Cedryn Quarry Tramway was extended by a mile westwards to also serve Cwm Eigiau Quarry. The extended line — the Eigiau Quarry Tramway — operated until around 1888.

Llyn Eigiau

Cedryn Quarry (upper right) and the Eigiau Tramway

Westwards on the Eigiau Tramway

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