Parc Meurig Rock Cannon

The rock cannon is on the top of this outcrop


11 March 2012

Parc Meurig, Bethesda

SH 62336 66435; 53.17714°N, 4.06126°W


This 100-hole rock cannon tucked away in Parc Meurig is being reclaimed by nature, with its bored holes and carved-out interconnecting grooves almost all covered over by a layer of moss and grass.

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Rock cannon, with Moel Faban lurking in the background behind the trees (top left)

A couple of the interconnecting grooves uncovered

With the carpet of moss peeled back, one of the drilled holes and its carved channel is revealed

9 thoughts on “Parc Meurig Rock Cannon

  1. What a fascinating concept….rock cannons. I bet they were impressive and exciting when they were used. Is there any place in Wales where they continue this tradition? Even if it is for historical reasons?


    • By all accounts they did provide an impressive spectacle and the cannonades could be heard resonating between the mountains for miles. In his book The Rock Cannon of Gwynedd, Griff R Jones mentions some experimental firings of cannon in more recent times for his research, but as far as I am aware the tradition has now completely died out. He also mentioned the use in one of the quarries of a more modern equivalent (involving tramway rails and cut-down sticks of gelignite rather than black powder and holes drilled in rock) to celebrate a visit from the then Princess Elizabeth (now the Queen) – that must have been 60 or more years ago.


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