Hendurnpike Signal Box

Hendurnpike Signal Box


17 March 2012

Hendurnpike, Tregarth

SH 61015 67626; 53.18750°N, 4.08153°W


The 1801 horse tramway from Penrhyn Quarry to Port Penrhyn – later to become the Penrhyn Quarry Railway – crossed the 1803 Capel Curig turnpike road at Hendurnpike near Tregarth. The level crossing with its white painted gates was removed after the railway closed in the 1960s. Today all that remains to mark the spot is the little signal box.

Hendurnpike Signal Box, Penrhyn Railway
(Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)

Hendurnpike Signal Box

6 thoughts on “Hendurnpike Signal Box

    • I pass that spot quite often and find it a little difficult to imagine what it must have been like. When I was taking those photos an older fellow out for a walk was telling me that he has a DVD at home showing a train going over the crossing there.


  1. Looks like a great little place to explore. Did you peek into the window? I would have just to see what it looked like inside. I’m always curious as to what has been left behind.

    Also, it looks like you have two different “time” photos. The first photo takes the small building and places it within today’s modern world of roads and pavement. The second photo is a look into the past. Very nice.


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