Felin Hen Bridge

Felin Hen Bridge


24 March 2012

Felin Hen, Tregarth

SH 59007 68340; 53.19338°N, 4.11188°W


The recreational route Lon Las Ogwen follows the path of the former narrow-gauge Penrhyn Quarry Railway from Port Penrhyn to Glasinfryn, while the section from Glasinfryn to Tregarth is based on the track bed of the former LNWR branch line from Bangor to Bethesda. The latter operated goods and passenger services between 1884 and 1963. Until recently the Lon Las Ogwen path had to cross the A4244 at Felin Hen at road level as the railway bridge there had long since been demolished. In October 2011 a £400,000 steel bridge was completed to carry the cycle path over the road at that location. Once the initial construction had been finished, the bridge was then immediately modified to make it ‘horse friendly’ – the height of the parapets was raised and the deck laid with a rubberised surface lest the horses be frightened by the sound of their hooves.

Horse-friendly sound dampener on bridge near Tregarth (BBC News, 31 Oct 2011)

Felin Hen Bridge

Felin Hen Bridge

Felin Hen Bridge - with 'horse friendly' rubberised surfacing

Felin Hen Bridge

Felin Hen Bridge

14 thoughts on “Felin Hen Bridge

  1. Oh my, so geometric! And colorful. I am particularly taken with Felin Hen Bridge — with ‘horse friendly’ rubberised surfacing (I’m sticking with the British spelling of ‘rubberised’ even though my spell-check wants me to make it ‘rubberized.’) I like all the repetition of lines including those on the surface. Taken out of context, a lot of these could be abstracts.


  2. Beautiful photos, but don’t you think the bridge is totally out of character for the area? It also makes me think….”funny handshake” deal!!


  3. Your topper photo is simply wonderful. A ghastly bridge (in my humble opinion) in really unsympathetic colours, but you’ve made it look beautiful with your “lens magick”. Rubberised deck…cool!


  4. the colours are from the welsh flag, but very garish in execution, fantastic photos and i quite like the engineering but as a glasinfryn resident – the bridge wasnt really needed and is rarely used – at the time i was surprised money was spent on it when we are all being told there’s none to spare?


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