Mountain on fire – Carnedd y Filiast

Looking from the north over Braichmelyn to the grass fires on Carnedd y Filiast - 18:30 28 March 2012


28 March 2012

Carnedd y Filiast, Glyderau mountains

SH 61870 63052; 53.14664°N, 4.06677°W

Almost 12 hours earlier... fires had been burning overnight since the previous day

Carnedd y Filiast from the west. The burnt patch extends from Fronllwydd, extreme left, all the way around to the coll.

Carnedd y Filiast

Scorched earth

The main pit of Penrhyn Quarry (far left) with Fronllwydd above, the peak of Carnedd y Filiast, Marchlyn Mawr reservoir dam (middle), and Elidir Fawr (right)

Still alight, 21:00 28 March 2012. The flames on the right are above Cwm Ceunant on Carnedd y Filiast

8 thoughts on “Mountain on fire – Carnedd y Filiast

    • Not sure about the causes of this one; it doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in the local news. There have, however, been a large number of grass fires throughout Wales lately during the recent warm, dry spell. It seems that individually the specific causes are often not clear, although in general they are attributed to a mixture of farmers’ controlled burns, natural causes, and both accidental and malicious fire starting. There is a bit more on the subject here:


  1. Great to see pictures of the earth following the blaze, I was only wondering this morning what it looked like up there. The Ogwen Valley looked phenomenal yesterday, shrouded in smoke. I’ve lived in Bethesda for 10 years and never seen fires to this extent before. I’d heard it was all attributed to the dry weather. It was still burning when I went tio bed, any news of it this morning?


  2. Your first shot is a classic. Lovely images of something pretty horrible for the wildlife involved. I noticed driving down from Aberdeen yesterday that the moors in Perthshire were ablaze, sending a black pall of smoke into the sky. Seems like the weather is back to normal now 🙂


  3. Beautiful images, Graham, I hear your drought has ended. We were under fire threat warnings for ages too, but then it rained and rained for a few days and the grass is green and the warnings gone for now.


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