MV Carrier

MV Carrier, Llanddulas


5 April 2012

Llanddulas, Colwyn Bay

SH 88764 78618; 53.29280°N, 3.67030°W


On the night of 3 April the MV Carrier was dashed by force-nine winds and five-metre swells onto the rocks and concrete coastal defences off Llanddulas, breaching its hull in three places. All seven Polish crew members were rescued in an operation involving two lifeboats and two helicopters. The cargo ship had loaded at the Cemex jetty with limestone from the nearby Raynes Quarry.

When these photographs were taken on 5 April, salvage specialists PGC Demolition had started an operation to remove 24,000 litres of fuel from the ship during low tides. German owners Reederei Erwin Strahlmann have stated that on account of the severity of the damage sustained in the incident the ship is a total loss. Removal of the fuel was completed on 9 April, with the next stage being the removal of the cargo before the vessel is cut up in situ into sections to be taken away for scrap by road. The operation to break the ship up could last for 10 weeks.

MV Carrier: Salvage operation begins at Llanddulas (BBC News, 5 April 2012)
MV Carrier: Ship fuel removed before break-up (BBC News, 10 April 2012)

MV Carrier seen through the girders of the Cemex jetty at Llanddulas

MV Carrier beached on the rocks and concrete 'Dolos' breakwater units

Flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda

MV Carrier with the Raynes Quarry jetty (top) and the footbridge over the A55 expressway in the distance

MV Carrier at the start of operations to remove 24,000 litres of fuel from the vessel

MV Carrier

MV Carrier


9 thoughts on “MV Carrier

  1. Fascinating photos, Graham. I often see this ship and others at the quay, I was sad to see this one come to grief. A very difficult subject to work with, especially as you’d have had to shoot from outside the exclusion zone, but these photos are super. I like the contrasts in textures in the last shot especially. Those “Dolos” doo-dads are wierd things!

  2. Reminds me of when the River Dance came ashore up the road from me in Cleveleys, in similar conditions. That was memorable for the artic load of soggy chocolate biscuits that got deposited along the beach!
    Nice set of photos Graham, will you be going along to capture the poor ships demolition?

  3. There is so much of interest in this set of photos: the tragedy of the loss of the ship, the beautiful way you captured it and relayed its story, and the intriguing repetition of the dolos breakwater units. I find them all fascinating.

  4. I am particularly interested in the concrete pieces in these photographs. I have a concrete manufacturing plant.

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