Penmaen West Quarry Inclines

Guarding the incline...


28 April 2012


SH 69331 75442; 53.25982°N, 3.96037°W


These photographs were taken on the inclines rising from the tramway hugging the side of Penmaen Mawr headland up to the levels of the disused Penmaen West quarry, part of the Penmaenmawr Granite Quarries complex.

Brundrits and Whiteway started quarrying for granite on the western side of Penmaenmawr mountain in the 1830s and in 1911 merged with Darbishires Ltd, owners of the quarries on the eastern side of the mountain, to form the Penmaenmawr and Welsh Granite Company. In 1963 the latter became part of the Bath and Portland Stones Firms Ltd. Next to own the quarry complex was Kingston Minerals Ltd, followed in the 1980s by the Amalgamated Roadstone Corporation. The current proprietor is Hanson Aggregates, who suspended quarrying operations in the hitherto active areas of the site in 2008.

Over the top... Looking down one of the inclines

Dust pan

Fireplace, abandoned building next to winding drum

Sea view

Looking through an incline arch to one of the levels

Incline arch and winding drum

7 thoughts on “Penmaen West Quarry Inclines

  1. This looks like an interesting quarry, one I’ve not seen much of before. You’ve captured some interesting aspects to it here Graham.

  2. That skull and horns is a great find! These photos are very evocative. I love how you tell a story using wide shots to give a sense of place, then close ups to make it more intimate.

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