MV Carrier – almost gone

Broken-up chunks of the vessel being carted away


5 May 2012

Llanddulas, Colwyn Bay

SH 88697 78639; 53.29297°N, 3.67131°W


Salvage specialists PGC Demolition are nearing completion of the operation to break up the stricken MV Carrier, which was declared a total loss by its owners after it was driven onto the rocks close to the Raynes Quarry jetty on 3 April.

MV Carrier (21 April 2012);
MV Carrier (5 April 2012)

MV Carrier on 5 April, two days after being swept onto the sea defences

MV Carrier on 21 April, with demolition in progress

MV Carrier, 5 May 2012

Bell B40C articulated dump truck on its way to collect more pieces of the ship

Doosan DX420LC crawler excavator loading the dump truck

MV Carrier

MV Carrier

Another morsel for the mechanical monster

Hydraulic shears in action

7 thoughts on “MV Carrier – almost gone

  1. Wow. I’m curious as to what part of the carrier the remaining portion belongs to and why it is the last to be demolished. Is it because it’s the most center of the carrier, or did they have to leave it for last for a particular reason, or does it really matter, it just happened to be last. So very interesting.


    • It seems to be the stern section that is still left. When I was there previously they were working on the bow and superstructure, so perhaps they worked their way from fore to aft and from top to bottom. Would have been interesting to follow their progress at more frequent intervals though.


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