Cwm Idwal Commemorative Plaque

Engraved slate plaque designed by Lynne Davies and unveiled by the Countryside Council for Wales in 2002.


26 May 2012

Ogwen Cottage car park, Llyn Ogwen

SH 64896 60434; 53.12389°N, 4.02046°W


Neither of us saw a trace of the wonderful glacial phenomena around us, …a house burnt down by fire did not tell its story more plainly than did this valley. — Charles Darwin 1831

And indeed I came across a little flower, well, the prettiest thing I ever did see. Its Welsh name is Tormaen Cyferbynddail. Purple Saxifrage is its English name. Saxifraga oppositifolia is the scientific name… I thought to myself, did it grow elsewhere, and began to wander all through these old hills to see if I could find it. — Evan Roberts, 1954 first National Nature Reserve Warden, Cwm Idwal.

— Commemorative plaque

The commemorative slate panel, featuring quotations from Charles Darwin and Evan Roberts, was commissioned by the Countryside Council for Wales, the Snowdonia National Park Authority, and the National Trust, and is mounted on the wall of the interpretive centre next to Ogwen Cottage. This location, at the western end of Llyn Ogwen, marks the start of the path to Cwm Idwal.

Cwm Idwal was the first National Nature Reserve in Wales, receiving this official designation from the Nature Conservancy Council in 1954. Before becoming its first warden, Evan Roberts had worked at Rhos Quarry.

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Charles Darwin. Darwin visited Cwm Idwal in 1831 and 1842. The quotation on the panel, referring to his second visit, comes from his autobiography published in 1887, five years after his death.

Snowdon Lily

Moss Campion

Purple Saxifrage


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