Soldiers Point Hotel, Holyhead

Soldiers Point Hotel


17 June 2012

Soldiers Point Quay, Holyhead

SH 23636 83528; 53.31920°N, 4.64918°W


Soldiers Point Hotel, also known as the ‘Old Castle’ building, was built in 1848 as the residence of the Engineer in charge of the Government-sponsored alterations to Holyhead harbour being carried out as part of improvements to the mail route from London to Dublin. John Hawkshaw succeeded James Meadows Rendel in this post when the latter died in 1856.

The grounds of this two-storey castellated Victorian mansion are bounded by curtain walls with ‘folly’ towers — one of which, looking out onto the harbour, functioned as a pillbox during the Second World War.

Over the years, the house has been used as a private residence as well as as a hotel, and has been derelict for a number of years. In September 2011 the property was gutted by a fire; at the time it had apparently been occupied by homeless people.

The house is owned by Conygar Stena — a partnership between Stena Line and the Conygar Investment Company — and features in their ambitious waterfront regeneration plans for the town. In the proposals, which were unveiled in 2010, the house would be renovated as a new, larger home for Holyhead’s Maritime Museum.

Soldiers’ Point Hotel (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales);
Fire crews tackle Old Castle building blaze at Holyhead (BBC News, 15 September 2011);
Holyhead Waterfront Regeneration (Conygar Stena)

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel

Soldiers Point Hotel


29 thoughts on “Soldiers Point Hotel, Holyhead

  1. I am in love. I know it’s not a “real” castle, but it exudes a lot of the castle flavor (from my perspective), AND it’s located in Europe, such a long way from my mundane State of Indiana. I am glad they are renovating it and not letting it deteriorate even more. I love many of the images you took, but the one that made me chuckle because it was so out of place was the window piece (lobster?). It is such an anomaly to the rest of the hotel. The gutted insides are fascinating, also.

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  3. after seeing this building for the first time over the weekend its lovely to find out more about it and to here that its being renovated I look forward to visiting again to see it in a better condition

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  5. really love this buildinng i have family who live in holyhead everytime i visit i go and its such a shame such a lovely building and still not renevated cant wait for the day to see its full potential i was looking up this building to see its history as i would love to buy it and live in it 😉

  6. Just visited there, what a lovely place this must have been. No work being done there at the moment very sad, would love to stay there.

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  8. MY wife and two children use to stay here in one of the cottages on holiday,for about 7 years it was owned by Terry and his wife Nona, great couple .It had it”s own harbour we stayed there in the 70s
    Stewart and June Daniels

    • Terry and Nona owned it for many years until 2006, as a home to Nona it became redundant many years ago, its life sucked out of it much like plas coach and gwrch castle 😥

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