Dinorwic Quarry (14)

Dinorwic Quarry on the slopes of Elidir Fawr above Llyn Peris, with Llyn Padarn in the distance (upper left)


30 June 2012


SH 59040 58890; 53.10850°N, 4.10723°W


Dinorwic Quarry;
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Dinorwic Quarry above Llyn Peris

Outbuildings of Dinorwig Power Station in what was the Wellington district of the quarry. The pumped-storage hydroelectric power station itself is housed deep within Elidir Fawr mountain in what is the largest man-made cavern in Europe.


8 thoughts on “Dinorwic Quarry (14)

  1. Nice to see it from the other side. It’s difficult to get an impression of the scale of the workings when you are in amongst them.

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