Arenig Fawr – Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 42-3124, 303rd Bomb Group (Heavy), USAAF, 4 Aug 1943

Arenig Fawr summit trig point and Flying Fortress memorial

Site visited 11 August 2012 Location Arenig Fawr, Snowdonia
SH 82643 36949
52.91708°N, 3.74685°W
Manufacturer Boeing Registration 42-3124
Model B-17 Flying Fortress Unit 303rd Bomb Group (Heavy), USAAF
Crash date 4 August 1943
Memorial Plaque

In memory of the crew of the Flying Fortress
which crashed on the Arenig 4th August 1943
1st Lt James N Pratt, Boise, Idaho
2nd Lt Allan M Boner, Tinley Park, Illinois
2nd Lt William A Bowling, Covington, Kentucky
T/Sgt Frederic J Royar, Queens Village, New York
S/Sgt Walter J Johnston, Fayette, Ohio
Sgt Walter B Robinson, Sacramento, California
Sgt Phillip Simonte, Highland Park, Michigan
Pfc Alfred B van Dyke, Brookville, Pennsylvania

Slate memorial plaque

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3124

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3124

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3124

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3124

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3124


14 thoughts on “Arenig Fawr – Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, 42-3124, 303rd Bomb Group (Heavy), USAAF, 4 Aug 1943

  1. Fabulous photos, especially of the concertina’d aluminium and the contrast with the granite. I was just reading about this while researching the Arenig painters and wondered if you’d documented it. Should have known!

  2. I love the stories you tell with your photos. You give the context, then zoom in close. The close ups are excellent on their own, but knowing the context gives them meaning, which I like.

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  4. its a shame that the slate has been damaged and the stone circle falling down.i was the one with my son craig aged 10 at the time who spent most week ends build and clearing the stone getting them ready to put in place on the finished project,a small chap named mr williams carried the slate slab up arrenig fawr tied on his back with ropes an amazing man he was only 5ft 2ins and it took three of us to lift it off his back and into place,i am now 70yrs young and hope to return to arrenig fawr this year,it will be nice to see it for its 35yrs since i started working on it just in time for the 11th november and the arrival of some of the relatives of the USAF bombers crew who had flown into the uk from america.

  5. As mentioned above i am making arrangements with my grandson,a couple of his friends and my son craig to revisit arenig fawr in mid october 2015 with a view to if possible repair some of the stone work and tidy the area up in the short time that we will have, three days two nights.

  6. I was up on Arenig Fawr yesterday and saw the rememberance plaque. So I googled it this morning as I was interested in the story. I have notice that some of you are thinking of doing some work in the next months or so. I would like to help in anyway I can. I notice that it is possible to get a quad bike up from the Trwasfynydd side to around 300 meter from the summit. As a farmers from Cerrig if you would like my help please get in touch.



  7. April 2018. Having seen the appalling vandalism last year I am hoping, in conjunction with Dilwyn in replacing this plaque with one made of a substantial piece of stainless steel which will be professionally engraved and hopefully l be proof against vandalism, theft and corrosion for a long time to come. It may well be that some assistance will be required to physically erect it and I would be pleased to hear of anyone who might be in a position to help. It’s early days as yet as there are a few obstacles to overcome.

  8. Richard, I’m keen to get involved with this, and could probably rustle up some USAF volunteers to help. If you reply to this, I can supply you with my contact details.

    • Dilwyn Morgan the County Councillor from Bala is also involved. We have both visited the scene. I have an estimate for a plaque in bronze which should last a long, long time.
      It’s certainly a worth while project.

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