Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool (2)

Lit candles in one of the chapels located along the perimeter of the main circular open space


22 August 2012

Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

SJ 35658 90129; 53.40402°N, 2.96926°W


Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool (part 1);
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Reconciliation Chapel – stained glass by Margaret Traherne

Children’s Chapel tapestry by Jill Hutchinson, suggestive of the Sea of Galilee

Lantern tower stained glass by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens. The design is an abstract representation of the Trinity.

Contemplating the Sanctuary. The three-metre long High Altar is made from white marble from Skopje, Macedonia. Above, Gibberd’s baldacchino, fashioned from aluminium rods in the form of a crown.

Lantern tower

Children’s Chapel

Stained glass

Bronze sculpture of Abraham by Sean Rice, West Apse

Gibberd designed the cathedral with a circular plan so that the High Altar could be seen by all members of a 2,300-strong congregation. The concentric pews were designed by Frank Knight.

In homage to Liverpool’s maritime heritage, the lectern features a silvered bronze sculpture of sea eagles designed by Sean Rice

View from the main entrance

To the left of the central High Altar is the Bishop’s Chair (‘cathedra’). Further to the left are the Choir and Organ Console. The organ was built by J W Walker and Sons and comprises 4,565 pipes, some of which can be made out here on the far left, above the Blessed Sacrament Chapel

The Crypt – started in 1933 and finally completed in 1958, this was the only part of Lutyens’ grand cathedral design (‘the greatest building never built’) to be realised. The Crypt was later incorporated into Gibberd’s plans for the present edifice.

Brick barrel vaulting, Lutyens Crypt

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