Blists Hill Victorian Town (3)

Machine Shop


28 August 2012

Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Blists Hill, Telford

SJ 69603 03613; 52.62940°N, 2.45052°W


The locomotive at Blists Hill Victorian Town is a working replica of the steam engine built in 1802 by the Coalbrookdale Company for Richard Trevithick. This was the world’s first ever full-scale railway locomotive.

Also on display at the open-air museum is The Spry, one of the last Lower Severn trows to be built. A trow was a flat-bottomed, single-masted boat with a large open hold designed for heavy goods transport on inland waterways. Trows would sail downstream and would be hauled when travelling in the opposite direction, originally by gangs of men, later by draft horses. The Spry was built in Chepstow and launched in 1894. Able to carry cargoes of up to 36 tons, the boat was used to transport loads of sand and stone. In 1936 it was converted for use as a barge to be towed by a tug, and it continued in service until the 1950s. The boat was discovered in Worcester in the 1970s and was later taken to Blists Hill for restoration.

Replica Trevithick steam locomotive

Replica Trevithick steam locomotive

‘Spry’ lower Severn trow

‘Spry’ lower Severn trow

‘Spry’ lower Severn trow


Blists Hill Victorian Town

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