Coalport China Museum

Coalport China Museum


30 August 2012

Ironbridge Gorge Museums, Coalport, Telford

SJ 69613 02364; 52.61818°N, 2.45026°W


The site of the Coalport China Museum was occupied from 1796 by the Coalport China Works, manufacturers of fine bone china famous for the quality of its hand-painted decoration. In the years following the First World War, the industry fell into decline and the works closed in 1926. Having seen a variety of other industrial uses in the intervening years, the factory was in a state of dereliction by the 1970s. The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust opened the site to the public in 1976.

Coalport China Museum

‘Bottle’ kiln

Coalport China Museum


Looking out from the ‘display’ kiln

‘Bottle’ oven – the outer wall, or ‘hovel’, acted as a chimney and the kiln proper, where the china was fired, is inside

Hand painting demonstration

Hand painting demonstration

13 thoughts on “Coalport China Museum

  1. Lovely warm photos of the priceless architecture…brilliant. Your photos of the lovely lady painting the china are wonderful, so very sensitive. As for the China…why do they bother? I am not equipped with the ability to like it, I’m afraid! Oh, and I really like the shot looking out from the kiln!


    • Thanks Iain. You may have noticed a certain lack of shots of any finished china! It was a fascinating place, but, as you may have guessed, for me the plant and process hold more interest than the actual product in this case


  2. Loving the floor in the yard between the buildings! It’s over 20 years since I went to Ironbridge, I’d forgotten just how much industrial heritage there was down there.


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