Caiplie Tree Fossils

Tree fossils, Caiplie


2 November 2012

Caiplie, East Neuk of Fife

NO 59214 05157; 56.23716°N, 2.65957°W


These petrified trunks of primitive tree ferns from the Carboniferous era can be found on the shore just off the Fife Coastal Path at Caiplie farm, between Anstruther and Crail.

Tree fossils, Caiplie

Tree fossils, Caiplie

10 thoughts on “Caiplie Tree Fossils

  1. Fascinating. It’s an incredible thought that these were once living organisms. There are supposed to be fossilised trees that appear once or twice a year at extraordinary low tide near Harlech…by the time I’d heard they were visible and drove out, the tide was coming back in…epic fail!


  2. Some distant cousins of those ferns fossilised at the other end of the European continent: “The Petrified Forest of Lesvos,Greece, is a petrified forest ecosystem made up of hundreds of lying and standing fossilized tree trunks which were covered by volcanic material and petrified in place 20 million years ago.” See here:;jsessionid=CEDE92A6990F53C14575F15369DF7F56?loc=en_US, and here:


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