Llwyndu or Crib Ddu Copper Mine

Llwyndu Copper Mine

Llwyndu Copper Mine – view from the mine manager’s house or office. The entrance to the stopes of the old workings can be seen above the spoil heap, top centre. The dressing floor, middle right, was where the ore was cobbed by a team of twenty girls.


9 March 2013

Grib Ddu, Mynydd Sygyn, Beddgelert

SH 60567 48322; 53.01397°N, 4.07986°W


Llwyndu or Crib Ddu Copper Mine is located at the top of the hill above Sygun Copper Mine and was worked for a time as part of the Sygun enterprise. In fact, the company owning Sygun mine changed its name to the Llwyndu Mine Company in 1839. Llwyndu Mine was, however, only in operation for around nine years and the site was abandoned by 1844.

Llwyndu Copper Mine Processing Area (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)

Llwyndu Copper Mine

Ruins of the manager’s house or office


Entrance to the upper-level stopes of the older workings






4 thoughts on “Llwyndu or Crib Ddu Copper Mine

  1. I love the top shot! The stopes are very interesting, too. I think I will have to lay the work aside and have a look at this place. It was on our list, but you beat us to it! Super shots.

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