Pont Pen-y-benglog Spigot Mortar Mount

Steel boss

Steel boss – the pivot about which the mortar could rotate


18 May 2013

Pont Pen-y-benglog, Llyn Ogwen

SH 64914 60484; 53.12434°N, 4.02021°W


With a conventional mortar, a tubular launcher fires the mortar bomb. In the case of a spigot mortar, however, a hollow tube in the projectile fits over a solid rod, or spigot, in the launcher. Featuring widely in British anti-invasion defences during World War II, the Blacker Bombard, or 29mm Spigot Mortar, was introduced in 1941. The mortar was equipped with both 20 lb anti-tank bombs and 14 lb anti-personnel bombs.

The spigot mortar emplacement at Pont Pen-y-benglog is situated close to the A5 road near its crossing of the Afon Ogwen and formed part of the stop-line defences in the area.

Spigot Mortar

Looking towards Foel Goch

Looking towards Foel Goch

Fluted concrete base

Fluted concrete base



Spigot mortar mounting base

Spigot mortar mounting base

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